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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good morning, I'd like to have an argument, please.

Religion and myth are the reflection of the society and a compass for the direction in which they move.

Right now in America the Christian faith has become a social organization in which like-minded people can come together and learn how to judge each other. Their faith has become an assemblage where they learn the modern, acceptable ways to be bigoted, intolerant, and justified.

The average American Christian will deny this, but when you ask them about select social issues their true beliefs will come shinnying through in all of their fanatical glory. The true shame of it is that the next generation of Christians will also believe that hate and intellectual ignorance are true family values.

Religion and myth is what holds the intellectually lazy, fearful, or lonely to a path of action. And since it is so easy to change any religion or myth, the path can be easily skew towards whatever means is needed at that moment. The safety net to this course correction is in the fact that people believe that the message divine or infallible (“Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia”).

So that is the reflection of where we are as a culture right now: Spoiled, conceited, and blissfully ignorant (and we like it that way).

It will change soon, the pendulum swings both ways and will come back towards center before people can get much more fanatical. Thank Whatever that we as a society can't stick to one thing for very long.

Here is my open question: Are we to a communicational point in history where it is unreasonable to conceive of a holy war propagated for reason solely of divine value?

PS Feel free to argue anything I’ve written. I would actually like to be proven wrong on many of my points.

PPS Iraq was done for lots of reasons.. ….one might be religious, but that reason is waaaay down the list. It probably falls somewhere below Halliburton and “He tried to kill my Daddy”.

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