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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Observations from Last Night’s Rusted Root Concert

To the girl dancing off beat behind me, rock on.

The best thing about the front row is being able to see the set list.

Why are you trying to take pictures of a music event? It's like just recording the audio of two people having sex.

A good live band will make you resent their studio albums.

You with the tambourine, thanks for participating.

Later, as you’re watching your cell phone recording of this concert, you’re going to wish you had paid more attention.

Any band that will meet with their fans after the show deserves higher t-shirt sales.

In every good concert there is a moment where the audience and band fuse and this new singularity howls, sweats and ungulates with a unified purpose. If you stop to recognize it, you'll miss it. So it’s best to shut up and enjoy the show.