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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Faith vs. Patience

I don’t understand the blind faith of people’s religious beliefs. That’s not to say that I don’t understand the premises, rules, customs and dogmas - those I understand emphatically. What I cannot comprehend is how someone can have absolute blind faith towards one religious belief while brushing aside all others as not as correct as their own. Strictly on blind faith, the only difference between Christianity, Hindi and a belief that your pet goldfish is the ultimate creator of the universe is the numbers which follow each belief. And alone, without the support of those numbers, the person who believes Jesus Christ once visited the earth as the son of God has nothing more to offer as substantiation then the person who believes in the divineness of his aquatic deity.

So when I realized that I too had blind faith in something it worried me.

I have absolute blind faith in those I love. I believe the potential of people will be met if encouraged and given proper support. And like all blind faith, it will fail 50% of the time when tested. Most of the time I do not mind. It is the offer of such faith in those that I love that is more important then whether they succeed or fail. But lately my patience for such faith is waning. I am exhausted in faith, exhausted in patience and tired of being proven wrong. My patience for blind faith in those I love is depleted by the reality of life. Reality is not perception, reality is perception applied.

Without faith you are only left with fact and that which you cannot explain. Seeing those you love under such an exacting light is not flattering and only leads to contempt and mistrust. I want to feel faith again. Faith in those I love, patience to give those people time to succeed and the trust I once had to believe in that faith once again.

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