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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Wish There Was a God

I wish that there was a God because I also want to believe in magic, super powers, dragons, Hobbits, telekinesis and vampires. If there was a God I would be able to walk through wardrobes into other worlds; I could hold conversations with animals and learn to fly; I would probably even take up a job as a teleportational travel agent. I wish that there was a God so that I could visit parallel dimensions and battle mythic creatures of evil. If there was a God any and all of my wishing could being true. But there isn’t and that’s okay. Enough exists in this world to keep me occupied and full of wonder for my entire life.


TheCourtJester said...

Is there an assumption on your part that believing there is a God is necessary to believing in the other things?

Brian Hamilton said...

One may be free to believe in Bigfoot without believing in a God, but if you are willing to see fairy tales as true, one myth is interchangeable with another.