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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slow Blinks

There is something wonderful in watching a child fight sleep. The way that they feel their eyelids closing and struggle to open them for one last frantic look at the world. How they are always searching for just one more bit of information to consume before their head nods forward again.

I often wonder what my son dreams about when he finally succumbs to sleep. I wonder if his brain is yet advanced enough to dream about the people around him and the scenarios that have touched his life, or if he only dreams of colors, movement, and shapes. I long to have him wake, smile at me, and tell me where his mind has been. Was it an adventure? Could he fly? Were there monsters? Was he the hero or villain?

Seeing him do everything that he can to stay awake a little longer for more of our world before retreating to build his own, inspires me to better use my own time. Inspiration comes not from those who have used their time to achieve greatness, but in the smallest of us who do everything they can just to see what we’ve achieved with our time.

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