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Friday, October 19, 2007

You are someone else's "they"

I would like to take a minute to clear something up:

“They” are not out to get you and it is not “their” fault.

But let me explain: I have been known to travel in several political circles, have dabbled in politics occasionally, and have really been trying hard to ignore the increasing “us vs. them” mentality, but I can’t. So here, let me say something once and for all, no one cares.

* There is no culture war between liberals and conservatives
* The government does not have a secret plot to hide, promote, discourage, or kill anyone
* You are not the center of any great or epic battle for all existence
* The world is not dying
* No one is coming for your morals, holidays, culture, or children

I’m sorry, but you are boring.

Anyone, anywhere, who attempts to place the blame for anything on a faceless “they” is simply trying to scare you into believing something fantastically obscured. This is especially true of the government and both political parties. All of them barely function most days and have to struggle to come to even the smallest of agreements. Pretending that there is a scientific agenda, past some general ideas, is sorely mistaken.

So please, stop it with the gross exaggerating. If you want to be that interesting, and to deserve that kind of coordinated effort, do something besides just sitting on your ass imagining your special -- because frankly, you’re not.

1 comment:

Neena said...

Alas, but don't you see?
It is all Their fault,
And They are out to get me!

As the culture wars ensue,
And the government plots to kill me;
My epic story will continue.

The world is dying, perhaps already dead.
And one by one they come, for my morals, holidays and children;
Depsite what you said.

I am not boring or obscured
Only enlightened and aware,
The truth I must tell, I cannot be detoured.

I will not, do not; exaggerate,
In fact they come for me tonight;
All there is left to do…is sit on my ass,
and wait.