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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Intolerance of Dissent

We live in a time of extreme divisiveness, where individuals feel the need to categorize themselves by a color code and freely allow their views to become severe in one direction or another. Our spokespersons no longer preach to the choir, but throw Bibles at them. This absolutism makes us all us exceedingly intolerant of anyone who disagrees with our positions, so much so that we do not listen to their arguments. Where the damage is the greatest is not in our inabilities to argue to the center, but in the fact that if we do not listen to others because we are assuming that our own arguments are perfect. Creating assumptions of argument perfection through increased intolerance of dissent will only end in tragedy as none of us are perfect. It is the middle ground, moderation, listening to others, freedom of open dissent, which holds back from an implosion of self justification.

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Neena said...

We categorize ourselves out of fear. The fear of standing away from the crowd, and speaking what we believe, while others stand aghast that we should have our own ideas opposed to the ideas of others. What will become of us? No one in Hitler's regime had the nerve to stand away and argue. To listen to what others have to say, to turn it over in our minds, contemplate it, and consider that it might be true, perhaps even better than our own ideas? That would require individual cognition, and independance. Welcome to the rise of the New Nazi Germany.