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Saturday, January 21, 2006

In Defense of Christianity

I think that the problem a lot of people have with Christianity is that a large segment of Christians try to translate the Bible literally. This only leads to kind of a joking atmosphere when discussing certain aspects of Christianity and makes it very hard to take the good parts as, well, good parts. Since some of these people, who believe so completely that the literal translations are the correction translations, feel compelled to constantly, repeatedly and forcefully enlighten others as to their beliefs, it burns bridges for everyone who falls under the banner of Christianity. Consequently, those who see the teachings of the Bible as simple lessons of morals are not able to spread that understanding because most listeners have become cynical whenever they are preached at. It is a shame that all that people hear and see is the inherent holes yelled at them by sidewalk prophets and not the plain belief that the Bible is a list of good ideas set to a classic storied theme.

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