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Friday, January 06, 2006

Dear Pat Robertson and Tom DeLay,

I would like to personally extend my support for both of your causes. First, Pat, we all understand where it is you are coming from and support your right to say it as much as possible. Does the president of Venezuela deserve to die? Sure. Did Ariel Sharon and Pennsylvania call for God wrath for turning their back on your version of Christianity? Sounds fair to me. Did the Almighty send hurricane Katrina into New Orleans because of the drunken debauchery of Mardi Gras? Why not? And you, Mr. DeLay, don’t let those “liberals” that are trying to frame you for all of that stuff you did get you down. You just keep on smiling and doing what you do best. Never in the history of our Congress has a sitting Senate Majority Leader been arrested on such incredible, rock-solid indictments. Bravo for doin’ it right and sticking by your guns. You are both shining examples of what someone with a little gumption and a whole lot of power can do to change the direction of this country. So please, from all of us out here in the voting block, keep up the good work and we'll see your and your other right wing conservative friends, awesome effect on the electorate this fall. And AND if you guys can muster more of that kick-ass ideology after the election, I'm sure that we would all be overjoyed to see it work its magic through the election of 2008.

Keep on keeping on,


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