My blog contains a large number of posts. A few are included in various other publications, or as attached stories and chronicles in my emails; many more are found on loose leaves, while some are written carelessly in margins and blank spaces of my notebooks. Of the last sort most are nonsense, now often unintelligible even when legible, or half-remembered fragments. Enjoy responsibly.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Entry for November 21, 2012

Some mornings I wake to the crushing realization of how much is dependent on my immediate actions, drive and example. I'm shaken out of slumber and into a world where the feeling of overwhelming guilt of incomplete tasks and waiting responsibilities feels unmanageable. The sheer weight of this realization crushes down upon me as I struggle to find the strength to simply face what must be done. And some mornings I make pancakes. Pancakes with chocolate chips. I like chocolate chip pancakes.

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