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Monday, August 04, 2008

Mae Govannen


I am a nerd - have always been and always will be. I do try to hide it, but it always ends up shining through. My favorite books and movies all fall into the sci-fi or fantasy realm, I have more computer certifications then any normal person (especially anyone who no longer does computer support) should, and am constantly reengineering everything that I can get my hands on. Worse than that, my blogs, lectures, and home decorations all have a decidedly nerd theme. I can quote Sagan, Tolkien, Heinlein, Vonnegut, Feynman, Carrol, Bova, and Shakespeare on command. Frankly, I wear my nerdiness like a Jedi wears his light saber (J. Díaz).

That is not to say that I fit any stereotype. I don’t have glasses, play video games, watch that much TV, or would be caught dead dressed up at a convention. I have been known to be quite successful with the ladies and have a long history with organized sports. In high school I was in drama, the chess club, and some AP classes, along with playing football and being a captain of the soccer team. I had good friends, a sex life, and an active social life. Yet I started this blog post with a couple of words that will only be understood by .05% of the population - and I am proud of that.

And you know what; no one should be ashamed to be a nerd. Nerds rule the world, control information, run industry, invent things, send people and robots into space, split atoms, create tomorrow's technology, and are clever and witty. I am proud to be a nerd and think that the rest of the nerdly world needs to speak up - as soon as their SG1 torrent finishes downloading.

Curate ut valeatis,


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