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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Problem With Hillary Clinton

The eternal seductiveness of bad ideas has always tempted those looking to suppress hard work and tough choices. It is the responsibility of those able to see a situation for what it is and recommend patience over irresponsible action that defines quality leadership. Over the last seven years, we have had a government, and by reflection a population, that sees movement of any sort as positive. We, as a country, have grown to see personal and national reflection as a source of weakness. This trend must stop, and I only see one candidate willing enough to take a stand on the side of measured response and a positive forward movement through a strict adherence to the lessons of the past. And while both Democratic candidates show the strength to right wrongs, one of them refuses to admit mistakes in her past. Her failure to address a specific major wrong undermines any other argument that she may have for experience and tenure.

It is a common misconception that wisdom comes with age. In reality, the only thing that age bestows upon us is perspective. I am not old enough to speak on perspective, but it is an easy observation for most rational people to make that an individual who cannot admit fault regarding key decisions does not deserve the trust of our vote. So as much as I understand people’s support of Hillary Clinton, I have no choice but to see her failure to admit that she was wrong in voting for the Iraq War as a fundamental character flaw, and a fatal, underlining detriment of the leader that she would be.

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