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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Entry for June 20, 2007

I am a non-believer in religion. I do not believe in a God, or Gods, and no words will ever change that. I do not believe that I am an Atheist because an Atheist’s belief seems to be absolute and I know that I am wrong too often to pretend I can be absolutely right on anything. Also, I have a problem with the term “Atheist” because it is defined as “someone who denies the existence of God” and that, to me, seems odd because there are no other words in the English language to describe someone who does not believe in something else. There is no word to describe those who do not believe in fairies or dragons, there is no term for those people who question the existence of Bigfoot, and no one has ever coined a saying for individuals who know that Santa isn’t real. So the only reason for a term to describe someone who does not believe in a God or Gods is so that some people can identify, or be identified, as those who don’t believe as certain others do. Atheism is an argument waiting to happen, it is a disagreement that wishes to be fought over, and it is a fight that will never have a clear winner. So I choose to be a non-believer, someone with strong convictions about my great doubts, that will probably never be overcome, and an individual who will not believe in absolutes.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel, like I as an agnostic do when I think about it, that - IF there is a God, then he would forgive you for not believing anyhow, because if there is, then he would know that he gave us the mind to question it all? If there is one, then not believing and trying to live without hurting others cannot possibly be as awful as purporting to believe (on a Sunday) in a God then the rest of the week engaging in bad behaviour towards others?

Know what I mean?

oh'elp,she'sbackagainLOL said...

PS, I DO call myself an agnostic, probably cos I'm too lazy to argue against the accepted word for it :)