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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Where in the world is Brian & Kela

A couple of you have asked where the hell we actually are right now. So here is the basic schedule:

  • Kela is in Champaign, Il through March 4 learning how to better doctor people
  • Brian is in Atlanta interviewing for waaay to many jobs during the week of Feb 13-20 – then back to Anderson, SC for a week of consulting work and back to Atlanta once more
  • Kela should begin her rotation in Atlanta sometime in April (hopefully)
  • Brian is already teaching online and hopes to have another position by the time Kela returns (hopefully)
  • Lucy (our worthless mongrel of a dog) will be staying with Brian until he has found a permanent home in or around Atlanta

How long will we be in Atlanta?

At least 2 years for Kela to finish her basic rotations

Where are we moving after that?

Who knows – we’re still trying to figure that out

Haven’t you people moved enough over the last couple of years?

Yes, we don’t even bother unpacking everything anymore

Are you going to have kids?

We don’t even have time to take care of the dog. She’s learned to cook herself dinner and uses the toilet.



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