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Friday, March 01, 2013

Entry for January 10, 2013

After I spend a lot of time with the boy it takes me some time to slip out of Dad-mode. This morning while I was sitting with Sebastian at Starbucks, trying to get him to sit up straight and not slurp his hot chocolate, the guy seated next to us in his mid-twenties burped. Instinctively, I said, "What do you say?" To which the guy immediately said, "Excuse me. Sorry." I then sat there for a minute mortified I would do that; then realized I must have said my line in such a voice that he didn't even question it. The power of that ability came over me and I immediately decided I should use this new power responsibly to help make the world a more civilized place. After feeling justifiably awesome for my necessary world changing work, it then occurred to me that this is exactly how those old men who stand in malls yelling at kids to pull up their pants get their start. I then sunk back into my chair and sipped my tea, only to hear Sebastian pipe up with, “Dad, don't slouch.” So I guess I may not change the world, but at least the boy will be reasonably well-behaved.